Friday, October 20, 2017

Linkaive, Saving Bookmarks & Links (URLs) Made Easy

(Note: This app was published with the name Save Me -Pocket Lite which is changed to Linkaive later on.)


Linkaive is an Android App designed for Readers, Quorans and all Internet Users who like to save and backup Links/URLs on the go.

The Problem

While surfing the internet we came across so many links, and references that we feel like it will be useful in future. So what we used to do, we bookmark all those links in our browser, but now, all those links are limited to that particular browser. Some of us must have used the ‘Pocket’ App for this purpose. And being an existing user of the Pocket App, you must already know, it consumes a lot of internal memory, mine reached to almost 1.5 GB.
Even if you have found a way to save your favorite links, you can not recall them as you can not search for its content. And that’s another story that we do not have control on those saved links.
If you are a Quaran, how many times have you searched for a way to save your favorite answers? Yeah, I know the pain.

The Idea

There must be a way, independent of any browser which can bookmark and save unlimited links without any condition. Then, why not an Android App? Nowadays, being online is not a big deal, but the internal memory is. So the App should consume least internal storage irrespective of the links saved in it. The App should allow me to search for links and it’s content. The App should offer me a full control over all my links saved.
The most importantly it should work even offline, without internet. And it should be able to save links to your favorite answers on Quora.

The Solution

Linkaive an Android App to the rescue.
It is an Android App designed for everyone which overcomes all problems mentioned above and willing to offer many best features for free. It is created for Readers, Quorans and all Internet Users who like to save and backup Links/URLs on-the-go.
To summaries, it is the lighter version of the Pocket App. But the advantage of Linkaive App is, it consumes very less internal storage. And it also allows you to browse the saved links inside the App.

Some Features of the App

  • Hassle free way to add new Links/URLs- You can add new Links/URLs manually using floating add button in App. You can all also add new Links/URLs using any other App using share feature of that particular App.
  • Marks Links/URLs as Favorite.
  • Search for Links/URLs and it’s content even if you are offline.
Now it’s time to use the Linkaive Android App. Add comments to request new features. And do not forget to rate the App 5 star on Play Store.

Thanks for reading the article.

Play Store link to the App- Linkaive on Play Store.

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