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My Android Developer Certificate by Google
My Android Developer Certificate by Google

What are they saying...?

Rohit has done an exceptional job on recent projects he was a part of. His approach to work is very careful. Being a proactive, self motivated and intelligent team player, he has consistently showed valuable assistance to his co-workers at every opportunity. His focus keeps everything moving smoothly. A noteworthy point to mention about Rohit is that he strives to achieve deadlines and meeting the highest work standards.
- Sandeep Patil (Product Manager, Account Management, Business Development,
 Startup Co-Founder at WOXI Software LLP, Pune)

"Ridiculously Efficient " is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Rohit Surwase. I had the privilege of working with him in for more than 1.5 years at WOXI SOFTWARE LLP. Rohit is proactive , result oriented, responsible and technically sound employee and he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. He has an exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skill in Android technologies. He is smart and professional, Experienced, deadline oriented and intelligent person. Highly recommended.
- Bharat Makwana (Co-founder, VP at WOXI Software LLP, Pune)

As I remember, Rohit was a very productive person and is a multi-skilled person with vast knowledge. he is careful, proactive, self motivated and intelligent team player. It’s a pleasure working with him as he is a customer-service oriented colleague.
- Sagar Acharya (Senior Software Engineer at SynerGenie Solutions, Pune)

I am passionate about my Dream. Dream of being someone, someone special who matters to the World. The Life is an opportunity for me to contribute for the evolution of the World. I like reading and understanding things around me. But I am not fond of reading books instead I like reading short contents.

My favourite dialogue (from movie - Singham)

“ मेरी जरुरते कम है...  इस लिये मेरे जमीर में दम है| ” 

(My needs are very less ... that's why my conscience is strong)